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250 Ways to Say “Went”


The new and improved “Ways to Say Went” poster. Thanks to a commenter, I’ve upped the total from 200 to 250. Check it out!

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How to Hook Your Reader


The first line of any piece of writing should hook the reader. In this article, we look as some famously great. and not-so-great, opening lines.

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When Writing Doesn’t Sound Right


Have you ever struggled to use correct grammar without sounding awkward or unnatural? Why does speaking or writing correctly so often sound wrong?

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The Rule of Three


Experienced writers know there’s something magic about the number three. You’ve got your three bears, three little pigs, even three billy goats gruff. A stool needs three legs, the federal government has three branches, three strikes and you’re out. Three lights make up a traffic light, three sides make a triangle, and everything starts with “one…two…three… go!”

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