Writing Prompt: Describing A Face in the Crowd


  Here’s an interesting writing prompt: Do you like people-watching? Give it a try sometime — hang out in a …

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The Heroic Journey 11: Finding the Premise


Let’s say we want to write about Milt, teacher who’s burned out on his job and wants to rediscover his passion. He quits his job, buys a camper, and starts driving across America.

In Tennessee, Milt meets a poor, old lady who’s about to lose her house to developers…

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Myth Buster: Never Start a Sentence with Because


This grammar myth is, thankfully, less pervasive than some others I’ve addressed. Still, I regularly encounter folks who believe there is a general prohibition against starting a sentence with the word because. Others, who’ve never heard of this dubious rule, scratch their heads when they hear it because it seems so arbitrary.

It’s not, however. There is a reasonable explanation for the idea that a sentence beginning with because is anathema.

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Sunday Comics: Misusing “Figuratively”


Two weeks ago, I posted several comics that played on the common use and misuse of the word, “literally.” Here’s a slightly different take on it.

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