When Not To Use “Myself”


People misuse “myself” all the time. Find out when you should and shouldn’t use “myself.”

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Rethinking the Plot Diagram


Generally speaking, when we speak of a story’s plot, we are speaking of “the sequence of events” that comprise the tale. Some will quibble about this definition, but it’s the most common understanding of the term.

And most of us remember being taught the basics of plot structure via a witch’s hat plot diagram like this:

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Writing Prompt: A Memorable Conversation


Think about the most memorable conversations you’ve ever had. What made them mean so much to you? Was it the person you were speaking to or the subject you discussed? Maybe a little of both? If you had to pick the most important conversation of your life, what would it be? How about the funniest? The saddest? The most exciting? The most eye-opening?

This assignment is to recreate a highly memorable conversation.

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Personal Narrative Writing Idea: Your Life’s Soundtrack


Here’s a great personal narrative writing assignment I found recently.

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