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When To Start a New Paragraph


Short paragraphs put air around what you write and make it look inviting, whereas one long chunk of type can discourage the reader from even starting to read.


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Description Is Different from Narration


Learning to write vivid description is important for any writer. In real-world writing, description is an important part of story-telling, exposition, and even persuasive writing. It’s not common to read anything that seeks only to describe, but we find it is helpful to have students work exclusively on their describing skills because it is such a vital part of writing in general.

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Toss Useless Prepositions


I’ve covered the terminal preposition issue before, but there’s one small clarification necessary. Generally speaking, it’s okay to end a …

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Double Negatives


Little kids can be such sticklers for grammar. Have you ever been involved in a conversation like this? Billy: What …

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