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How to Use Dialogue Tags


Dialogue tags are the cues that indicate who is doing the talking in written dialogue. But there is a great difference of opinion about how such tags are best used…

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There, Their, and They’re


Getting them straight: they’re, their, and there.

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Five Wordy Habits to Avoid


Adding words just to meet an assigned paper length is known as padding, and it’s a bad habit that we don’t want to encourage. Good writing is concise. Good writers don’t use more words than necessary. It doesn’t mean they skimp on details or creative phrasing, just that they normally look for the simplest, clearest way to express their meaning.

Here are five ways we let wordiness creep into our writing.

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10 Tips for Evaluating Online Information


“Don’t believe everything you read” is an old expression, but it is particularly true when it comes to online information. There is very little regulation of the internet, which means anyone can publish almost anything. That doesn’t mean students shouldn’t take advantage of the wealth of facts and information available online. It just means they need to be careful and show good judgment.

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