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The Heroic Journey 9: Heroes Change


A word about the Hero in the beginning.

In a novel there are obstacles — tangible ones such as icebergs, aliens, a powerful lost Ark, fairy tale creatures invading Shrek’s swamp, or the Mafia. But there are also inner conflicts within the Hero which affect the outer conflict.

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The Heroic Journey 8: The Structure of Story


We’ve talked about things like what makes a good Hero, what makes a good Nemesis, and how they work together to make a story that fits in the classic style popular the world over, so now let’s see how such a story is actually structure.

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Ten Lovely Thoughts on Love


I guess I don’t have to explain why I went with this topic today. I have smart readers.

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The Heroic Journey 7: 12 Traits of the Nemesis


Last week we looked at the Nemesis, or Evil One in broad outline. This week let’s take a look at some of the traits that go into a well-constructed bad guy:

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