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How To Point out Errors Without Being Obnoxious


Even the best of us make mistakes on occasion. Here’s how you can nicely help us find and fix our errors. And how not to.

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Weasel Words Poster


If you appreciated the article on weasel words, maybe you’ll also like this graphic version.

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Avoid Weasel Words


Weasel words are expressions that attempt to make an unsupported claim seem authoritative. It’s a way of making a point appear more convincing than it may actually be. Here are some examples of weasel words:

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Avoid Puffery


In advertising, puffery refers to exaggerated claims that are so subjective that they cannot be proven or statistically verified. Most of us consumers are savvy enough to not take seriously claims like “the freshest ingredients,” “best pizza in town,” and “world-class service.”

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