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Wikipedia Infographic: Is It Time To Embrace Online Encyclopedias?


Should WriteAtHome, and schools in general, encourage the use of Wikipedia for research?

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Homeschool vs Public School Statistics Infographic


I realize that not all WriteAtHome students, and certainly not all of our regular blog visitors, are homeschoolers, but the …

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Infographic: Left Brain vs. Right Brain


Knowing your inclination — right brain or left brain — is helpful for writers. I have always argued that writing necessarily involves both halves. We need the creative and artistic right brain and logical, precise left brain to do almost any kind of writing well.

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Infographic: Teens, Media, and Multitasking


This isn’t directly related to writing and language, but I found this infographic too interesting and important not to share. Thanks to the Cool Infographics Blog for regularly posting stuff like this.

So, teens and parents of teens: Does information like this frighten you at all?

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