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I’m Heading Midwest; Wanna Come With?


A Facebook friend made the following comment in response to a post about ending sentences with prepositions. Having recently moved …

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You Can Quote More Shakespeare Than You Think(eth)


It’s pretty mind-blowing how much William Shakespeare has influenced our language. He’s been gone about 400 years, but we keep using his expressions. All of the following oft-repeated phrases come from the Bard of Avon. Some of them have been altered over time, but I bet you recognize most of them.

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Just Sayin’


I first heard this expression from students in my English classes about twelve years ago. It would typically go something …

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Baseball Idioms: 17 Ways Baseball Has Influenced Ordinary Speech


It’s September, the final month of regular season baseball. That’s good news for me, because I am a long-time Phillies …

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