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Return of the Department of Redundancy Department: Scesis Onomaton


Scesis Onomaton, pronounced SKEE-sis uh-NO-muh-tahn, is a rhetorical device used to emphasize a point — often facetiously — by repeating the same idea in different words. For example:

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Writing Down the Garden Path


Quick. Does this sentence make grammatical sense?

The man who hunts ducks out on weekends.

How about this one:

The cotton shirts are made of grows in Mississippi.

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Portmanteau Words


A portmanteau word is created by combining two existing words. They are sometimes eventually recognized by dictionaries, but more often, they appear as slang and quickly fade into obsolescence. A common and relevant example is blog (web + log).

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Boot Idioms


My post a couple days ago about “boots on the ground” got me thinking about idioms with the word boot in it. I came up with sixteen.

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