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I started WriteAtHome in 2001 with five students. Since then, WriteAtHome has helped many thousands of homeschool students improve their writing skills.

Our approach is simple. We give a short lesson on writing each week and a short writing assignment. Students spend an average of an hour or two on their writing project each week. That project is sent to the student’s personal writing coach who gives it careful attention and thorough feedback. Students are then given the opportunity to revise their papers using the comments from their writing coach. After three drafts, the writing coach provides a formal assessment score.

Our courses come in three lengths: 32-week annual courses, 16-week semester courses, and 8-week workshops. All follow the same simple format.

That’s all there is to it. This common-sense approach to writing instruction has proven tremendously effective over the years, consistently preparing students for post-high school writing. And in the rare case that a customer doesn’t like our program, we offer a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee on all courses.

If you’re wondering if WriteAtHome might be a good fit for your family, here are five of the most common reasons homeschoolers turn to WriteAtHome for help with writing skills.

1. I was never very good at writing.

We all have our areas of strength and weakness. Some people are more math and science-oriented and lack confidence in  writing and the language arts. WriteAtHome is a great way to enlist some help from those with gifts and talents different from yours. Our writing coaches are exceptionally good at writing and developing young writers. Let us fill in the gaps!

2. I am a naturally good writer, but I don’t know how to teach it to my kids.

It may surprise you how many moms who use WriteAtHome are themselves talented writers. But many have found that writing skill is intuitive and therefore hard to explain to those who struggle with it. When moms who find writing natural and easy encounter a child–a very normal child, mind you–who finds it alien and difficult, they come to us for help.

Lots of homeschooling moms figure out that just because you are a good writer doesn’t mean you are a good writing teacher.

3. I can teach writing just fine, but it often results in conflict.

Writing is unavoidably subjective, and that makes evaluation difficult. Kids tend to think mom or dad is just picking on them. There’s no clear right and wrong, so criticism always seems to be a debatable matter of opinion. As a result, it’s all too common for children to resent correction coming from their parents. What’s funny is that they are often willing to hear the exact same criticisms from a total stranger.

With WriteAtHome, you don’t have to be the bad guy anymore. Our gracious, patient writing coaches will do all the paper grading for you, letting you focus on the role of encouraging, supportive parent. We’ll do the coaching, you can be the cheerleader.

4. I feel like I’ve done all I can. I’d like some input from someone else.

Many homeschooling families come to us because they feel like they have reached the end of their knowledge of the subject. Our coaches are eager to take the baton and help students grow their writing skills still further. Because there is a subjective element to writing, some parents realize that input from a third party can be valuable. We all have our preferences and peeves. It’s unquestionably good to have a variety of perspectives on a student’s writing.

5. Our intentions are good, but we just don’t do enough writing.

We hear this all the time. Life gets busy. Schedules get crazy. Good intentions and idealistic plans to work on writing fade into memories as the school year wears on. WriteAtHome provides needed structure and weekly due dates to keep students on task and consistently working on their writing. We all understand that writing skills don’t come magically or instantaneously. They come through regular practice. WriteAtHome provides opportunity for that kind of consistent practice.

We know WriteAtHome isn’t for everyone, but we are the choice of thousands of homeschoolers each year. If you are still making plans for the upcoming school year, click the link below and take a moment to check out what WriteAtHome has to offer.

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