Writing Tip #32: Writing Is Much More Than Grammar


Writing Tip #32

Writing is much more than grammar. Sure, good writing avoids blunders in usage and writing mechanics, but such conventions as grammar, spelling, and punctuation are only one component of good writing. In some ways grammar is the last thing to worry about, since anyone with a style guide and a dictionary (or basic Googling skills) can repair flaws in the technical details of writing. Good writing depends first on content – what the writing is about. Who cares how correct a paper is if it doesn’t say anything meaningful, interesting, or important? Good writing is intelligent, fresh, provocative, and well-ordered. Good writing is eloquent and original in word choice and syntax. And good writing has an intangible aesthetic element related to its sounds, rhythms, and emotional power. Pay attention to grammar and related conventions, but don’t believe for a minute that correctness equals excellence.


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