Bibliophage: A Book Devourer


Fred Durbin is an accomplished fantasy writer and a former writing coach for WriteAtHome, and he inspired this post. Fred has a degree in Greek and, like me, is a connoisseur of  words. He told me about the word bibliophage and explained its origins. Because of his background in Greek, he was able to define the word at first glance and he reminds us all that ancient languages like Greek and Latin are not dead after all.

Are you a bibliophage?

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  1. Will

    I am definitely a bibilophage. I’ve read 472 books in the last 13 months.

  2. Sandy

    At this stage I life I don’t have the opportunity to devour. I do make sure I “eat” daily. My children, though? Such gluttons! We visit the reading deli (library) several times each week. Vacations must include visits to bookstores, preferably daily (I’m not joking). Last night my 16yo employed google to find bookstores along the 8,000-mile drive we start next week. Obsessed, I tell,you!

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