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I’ve been at this blogging thing for more than three years now. It’s fun and it’s encouraging that my readership continues to grow at a steady pace. Thanks to YOU for reading this post today. My only mild disappointment with this blog is that it doesn’t generate much discussion in the comment section. That’s no fault of my readers; it’s just that the topics I address, though interesting and educational to some degree, are rarely if ever controversial. I don’t tend to provoke people here.

I envy bloggers who can stir up passion and debate. I follow several and love to engage with people through comment streams. But that’s not likely to happen here. People have opinions on writing and grammar, but they don’t tend to be deeply held convictions that demand a response when called into question. As a result, the handful of comments I get tend to be polite and encouraging — which is nice. A little boring, but nice.

Again, it’s not you, it’s me. The WriteAtHome Blog is what it is — thoughts on the teaching and practice of writing with an emphasis on homeschooling. My posts just aren’t likely to prod people into heated exchanges and scintillating discussion.

Fortunately, I’ve found another medium that works better for getting people talking to each other. It’s Facebook. Several months ago, I started posting an occasional grammar challenge — a sentence with some kind of error (or not) and a challenge to my readers to find it. To my great surprise, people responded to it. Sometimes lots of people. In fact, the response was so strong, that I’ve begun doing it daily — or, almost daily.

As of this morning, I’ve got close to 20,000 Facebook followers and while Facebook limits their exposure to my posts, I’m excited at the regular conversations taking place there. It’s much more social than the blog here. Hundreds of people like, comment, and share every day. It’s not heated or controversial (at least not often), but it’s interesting and fun.

If you don’t already follow me and WriteAtHome on Facebook, I invite you to join the conversation over there. If you do, be sure to participate regularly by liking, commenting on, or sharing posts because that signals Facebook to keep my posts appearing on your news feed.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep blogging, and I will gladly reply to comments and questions here. I’ve just accepted that the place where people prefer to engage is on Facebook at the moment. Come on over and check it out!


Feel free to comment below. Or you can just do it on Facebook!

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