Tip #12: Make More Paragraphs



Brian's Writing Tip #12: Make More Paragraphs

“Make more paragraphs. The rules regulating where paragraphs begin and end are pretty loose. A paragraph, by definition, is a group of sentences about a single theme. Where themes begin and end, however, is a matter of opinion. Ultimately, it’s up to the writer’s instincts. A common problem for beginners might be called under-paragraphing – inserting too few  paragraph breaks and leaving the reader to deal with long chunks of eye-crossing, unbroken text. One reason students don’t break their writing into smaller, more manageable paragraphs may be that they are unsure about the rules that govern paragraphing, so let me make it simple: If you think it might be time to start a new paragraph, start a new paragraph. You’re almost certain to be right.”


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