Are You a Grammar Nazi? Take the Quiz To Find Out


You know grammar. You have your pet peeves. But are you really a grammar Nazi? Don’t wonder any longer! Take the quiz below to find out. (Click the image).

And before all the comments and emails come, I’m aware of the mistake in the title. It is intentional irony. 🙂

Let me know in the Reply section below whether or not you are an official grammar Nazi!

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  1. song

    It says that I am not a Grammar Nazi (probably because I have no children and no significant others, so I said no to those questions).

  2. Elaine

    I am happy to be a Grammar Nazi… if there aren’t enough of us, we will be forced to see the collapse of the English language world… something like that. Newspapers, advertisements, cereal boxes: grammar mistakes everywhere! One that I hate is the use of “went” when “have gone” is meant.

    • Grammar Nut
      Grammar Nut02-19-2014

      Amen. Well said. 🙂

  3. Karen

    I am a grammar Nazi! Though, I have learned to hold my tongue in most situations. People get mad at me and continue to talk the same way, so I have given up on changing the grammar of my world. From time to time I slip up and have to react to the squeak of chalk on a chalkboard, hoping to leave at least an impression and increase awareness. Perhaps they will at least remember when putting it in writing. My homeschooling days are coming to a close and it just won’t matter as much anyway.

  4. CFloyd

    I think I could be a Grammar Nazi – if I had better attention skills – totally missed the “your” in the quiz title/pic. I couldn’t get my eyes off of orientated though – I don’t think I’ve heard or read anyone use that. But irregardless and supposably yes – I honestly didn’t know irregardless wasn’t a word, but now that I am typing supposably know that it’s supposed to be supposedly.

  5. Alan

    Ah is NOT a grammar snob! Ah use good English… Ok, maybe not much. But I will blame the Navy for my lack of etiquette…

  6. Sandy

    Hello. I’m Sandy and I’m a grammar nazi. The grammar gaffe that makes me gnash my teeth most furiously? Misusing reflexive pronouns. Grrrrrrrrrr. That one makes myself crazy.

  7. Paul Schwarz
    Paul Schwarz02-19-2014

    I’m sad to confess that according to this quiz, I’m not a grammar Nazi.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko02-19-2014

      I am not at all sad. I’d rather not have Grammar Nazis working for WriteAtHome. You can be good at grammar without being obnoxious.

  8. Will Egan
    Will Egan02-19-2014

    It says that I am not a Grammar Nazi (probably because I have no children and no significant others, so I said no to those questions).

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko02-19-2014

      Excellent, Will. No one likes Grammar Nazis. Except maybe other Grammar Nazis.

  9. Grammar Nut
    Grammar Nut02-18-2014

    I’m a Grammar Nazi. I don’t have kids though, so I subsituted siblings in instead. I hope that counts.

  10. CJ

    I love your quizzes! 😀

    I’m not a grammar Nazi — I tend to let verbal usage slide. If we’re talking about mistakes on paper, though, I do make a point of being correct (unless I’m breaking the rules on purpose, because that happens, too), and I won’t flinch from correcting others. 😉

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