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The Hardest Part of Writing Is Getting Started


I’ve always felt that the hardest part of writing is getting started. There’s a mental inertia that I have to overcome. I know it must be done. I know the longer I wait, the worse it will be. I know that once I get going, it will get easier — that words will start to flow. But knowing all that just makes me want to take a nap. Or get coffee. And a muffin. (VIDEO)

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Nauseous, Nauseated, and Nauseating


When should you use “nauseous,” “nauseated,” and “nauseating.” Does it matter?

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What Is a Meme?


Let’s face it. If you have to ask what a meme is, you are probably not hip to the generation. …

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To Use Be Or Not To Use Be — That Is the Question


Should we always try to eliminate the verb “be”?

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