20 SAT Words (Quiz Included)


Certain words appear often on the SAT. You can find various lists online that were created by looking at numerous tests over the years. Below are 20 words randomly selected from one of those lists and their definitions. Click on the word for a more detailed definition on Merriam-Webster.com. Below the list is a link to a quiz on these 20 words.

I plan to create posts and quizzes like this periodically. Please share them with students who will be taking SATs in the future.


  1. Adulation: high praise
  2. Assiduous: persistent, hard-working
  3. Clairvoyant: exceptionally insightful; able to foresee the future
  4. Demagogue: a leader, often who appeals to emotion or prejudice
  5. Enervating: weakening, tiring
  6. Frugal: cheap, thrifty
  7. Hedonism: the pursuit of pleasure
  8. Impetuous: rash, impulsive, acting without thinking
  9. Jubilation: joy and exultation
  10. Longevity: long life
  11. Mundane: ordinary, commonplace
  12. Novice: beginner
  13. Opulent: wealthy
  14. Precocious: unusually advanced or talented at an early age
  15. Prudent: careful, cautious
  16. Querulous: complaining, irritable
  17. Renovation: repair, making something new again
  18. Spurious: lacking authenticity, false
  19. Tenacious: determined, unrelenting
  20. Venerable: respected because of age

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