Why Multitasking Is Bad for Learning


Lots of teens swear they are effective multi-taskers, assuring parents and teachers that texting and Facebooking not only don’t distract from studying, but, in fact, help them stay engaged. “I learn better when I can chat with friends. It keeps me from getting bored.” Or something like that.

It’s possible, I guess, but according to studies, it’s unlikely. For details, check out this interesting and timely infographic by OnlineSchools.org.

Online Learning and Multitasking


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  1. Brian Wasko
    Brian Wasko08-30-2013

    Right. But going to my blog is okay.

    • Grammar Nut
      Grammar Nut09-02-2013

      Only If you are not working on a paper at the same time.

  2. Grammar Nut
    Grammar Nut08-30-2013

    Lesson learned. Don’t facebook, rweet, or text. Ever. Ok maybe not ever…

    • Grammar Nut
      Grammar Nut08-30-2013

      I meant tweet.

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