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Forgive me if I’m going overboard on the animal names thing, but I’m having fun with it. I promise to move on after this.

The quiz today will test your knowledge of collective nouns associated with particular animal groups. I have to warn you, I don’t include the easy ones like flock of birds, herd of cows, or army of ants. Most of these are quite tricky, and I seriously doubt if many are commonly known. I’d love you to prove me wrong, of course.

I recommend you review the list I provided here┬á and here before taking the test. It will improve your chances, though I’ll be shocked if anyone legitimately aces this one. To be nice, I lowered what I consider a passing score to 50%.

Have fun!

Animal Group Name Quiz

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  1. RM

    My 13 y.o. passed with a 63%. Fun stuff!!

  2. Saved Girl/ Amber
    Saved Girl/ Amber03-12-2013

    I got a 40%. That was rough one, but interesting.

  3. JJ

    I only got 38%, but honestly, who knows what you call a group of hippos off the top of your head ­čÖé .

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko03-12-2013

      This one’s purely for fun, JJ. I don’t know if I’d do much better and I MADE the quiz. If I were in charge, I think I’d go with “a heap of hippos.”

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