Amazing Facts About Writing and Your Brain


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I came across the infographic below and just had to share it. It contains some fascinating information about writing and brain research. Enjoy!


Amazing Facts about Writing and the Brain [Infographic] - An Infographic from

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  1. Mary Brueggemann
    Mary Brueggemann03-20-2013

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree that it’s powerful to have science back up my advice for students. Besides, I always wondered why writing something down helped me remember it. Of course, looking at the note is an obvious reminder, but often I don’t need to look at the note because I remember without it. Just the act of writing the chore or fact does the trick. 🙂

  2. Saved Girl/ Amber
    Saved Girl/ Amber03-18-2013

    Fascinating. I guess I’m in the three percent; if I test a pen to see if it works, I just scribble. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. 🙂

    I love how it explains why stories are more memorable than information. I’ll have to try to incorporate those types of things in my writing more.

    Yay! Now I have “science” to back me up. I like to tell my tutoring students to write things over and over to help them remember equations and the like. Now I know why it works.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko03-19-2013

      I’ve always known that stories are stickier than the recitation of facts, but this helped me understand why that might be.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Amber.

  3. Brian Wasko
    Brian Wasko03-18-2013

    Don’t be scared. Just try for something original. 🙂

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever tested a new pen…

  4. CJ

    Now I’m scared to use cliches… O.o Oh, and that stat about people testing a new pen by writing their name? I blushed when I saw that. It’s so true!

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