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I still have to create one for part 2, but I figured I’d go ahead and publish the first part. Some time ago, I posted two articles on the ever-troublesome usage issue known as subject-verb agreement. They’ve garnered a good deal of traffic, so I thought readers might enjoy trying their hand at some quizzes to test their understanding.

I think this one’s pretty easy. I saved the tougher concepts for the Part 2, but give it a try by clicking on the image below. There are only ten questions.

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  1. Christina

    Thank you for your great articles! I liked the quiz as I got 100% ­čÖé

  2. JJ

    Thanks for the quiz. I really enjoy them, and I am really excited that I finally got 100% on my first try!

    • JJ

      Could you do another quiz update? I’d like to know how other people did, and most missed questions etc. Thanks!

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