Some Random Language Questions


Some language questions I am wont to ponder:

What do you call a juvenile delinquent when he gets old? A geriatric delinquent?

Why are swoops always fell? Is there any other kind of swoop? Is anything other than a swoop ever fell?

Why are peeves always pet? Can I have a peeve that isn’t the pet kind?

If I’m not hungry enough for grits, can I just order one grit?

If I aid, am I necessarily abetting? Can I just abet without aiding?

What if I intend to get something by hook, but think by crook is going too far? Would that be okay?

Can I keep my odds in one drawer and my ends in another? How would I go about that?

Certainly I can have a friend who is true but not tried, but if he is tried and not true, he is not longer my friend, right?

Can people be a kind of wart other than the worry kind? Is there a confidence wart or a courage wart?

Can I be a friend through thick, but not so much thin? Maybe just through thin?

Some Admissions:

I know people who are bright-eyed, but I’ve never seen anyone bushy-tailed.

Sometimes I watch my p’s, but ignore my q’s entirely.


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