Writing Prompt: Alien Description


Here’s a popular descriptive writing assignment we give in one of our middle school courses. It works, however,  for kids of any age.

Alien Description

The assignment is to describe a place on planet Earth from the perspective of a visiting alien from outer space. Imagine you are an alien who arrives and writes a report to your commander on your home planet about the place you observe.

Think about the kind of alien you are — are you friendly or are you planning an invasion? It’s up to you. This will make a difference in the way you will describe what you observe.

Choose one of the following specific places for your alien to describe. You obviously can’t describe the whole planet, so limit yourself to one location.

  • A busy city street
  • A shopping mall
  • A high school football game
  • A school cafeteria
  • A rush hour traffic jam
  • A wedding or a church service
  • A bowling alley
  • A playground
  • A farm
  • Your own idea

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Whichever place you choose, think about what it would be like to see and experience it for the first time, where everything is completely strange and new. What would be most interesting? What would be most difficult to understand?

Be sure to describe not only what you see but also what you hear. If you’d like, you can include tastes, smells and textures too.


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