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I can’t help it. I know this blog is supposed to be about writing and language, but sometimes I just can’t help sharing very loosely related stuff that amuses me. This is on of those posts.

A group of teachers at Abbey Kelley Foster Charter School in Massachusetts had some fun at their students’ expense.  While the students were interviewed on camera, they video-bombed them with dance moves that range from the ridiculous to the … really ridiculous. We have no idea what they were being interviewed about, because the real action is going on behind their backs. All you hear is Whitney Houston.

What would you give to have been on hand when the video was premiered at the school?

I’m sure there are those who will take this as further evidence of the demise of public education (Thats the kind of education my tax dollars are supporting?). Personally, I like seeing teachers enjoying themselves and engaging kids. I think I’d like to go to a school with teachers like that. As long as it’s not a school for dance, that is.

My favorite is the guy at the :49 mark.

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  1. Brian Wasko
    Brian Wasko05-16-2012

    I particularly like how serious some of the kids are as their teachers make buffoons of themselves in the background.

  2. Linda

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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