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Favorite Words


When they were little, my kids loved to ask dinner guests about their favorite things: books, movies, meals, colors, etc. People have favorite everythings: numbers, body parts, time of day. Lots of people have favorite words. It may be the meaning of the word that is most endearing, but often folks like words for their sound.

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Wake, Waken, Awaken? Maybe I’ll Just Stay in Bed


  English verbs cause trouble, but some are more troublesome than others; take the various ways we can refer to …

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Writing Prompt: Random Short Story


Have you ever tried to write an original short story? They are fun, but can be quite a challenge even for motivated and creative writers. Crafting a good short story is difficult, so follow the guidelines below carefully.

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Monkey-Bacon-Cyborg-Unicorn- Space-Shuttle Cake


“You’re more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out bacon riding a cyborg unicorn with a light saber for the horn on the tip of a space shuttle closing in on Mars while engulfed in flames.”

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