An Apology to Writing Coaches


I had the great idea about doing a video encouraging all WriteAtHome writing coaches to get involved with our social media platforms — primarily this blog, but also our Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, and Pinterest boards. I sent it out, then almost immediately began a four-week trip that made it impossible for me to keep up with any of it. Sorry about that.

I couldn’t have timed that message any worse. The last month of scarce posts and updates is not the norm, folks. I’m back now and plan to resume my almost daily posting, so if you are a writing coach who tried to jump in but found little action, please give it another try.

Also, I’m going to add a new category for blog posts called “Writing Coach Must Reads.” I’d love for our coaches to read (and comment on) every post, but that’s wishful thinking. Every so often, however, I post something that I want coaches in particular to take note of. These I’ll categorize as WCMRs. If you are a writing coach, please take the time to check that category on occasion (by clicking on it on the list to the right) and read anything new.

So grateful for all our wonderful coaches!


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  1. Cindi

    Jumping up and down seconding that — “soooooooooo grateful for the writeathome writing coaches!!!!!!!!!!!!” THANK YOU, Coaches!!!!!!!!!!!

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