What’s the Opposite of Disappointment?


We badly need a word for “the-exact-opposite-of-disappointment.” Appointment won’t do. –C.S. Lewis

Sorry for the sparseness of posts recently. As you may know, I’m with my family in Northern Ireland and I’ve only just now started to figure out Wifi access here. Even then, I’ve got little time for blogging. I’ll try to post as often as I can though.

This is especially troublesome because I just recently made an appeal to all WriteAtHome writing coaches to subscribe and participate on the blog. Then I go and disappear. Sorry about that, coaches!

I included the C.S. Lewis quote above for a couple reasons. One is that I came across it the other day and found it curious that our language does not have an antonym for disappointment. If it did, I’d use it to describe my trip so far. I also included it because Lewis, one of my favorite authors, was born here in Belfast.

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  1. Michael

    The opposite of disappointment is hope

  2. Bobbie Lively
    Bobbie Lively12-16-2013

    Mary helped me with the word “miracle” in her opposite for “disappointment”. I am 73 yrs old and a retired missionary, teacher, counselor etc. One of the tools that I have used in counseling is the script found in “Feelings buried alive never die”. I have found that many if not all illnesses are connected to “feelings”. I have recently had a lot of pain such as arthritis which seems to be tyical for my age. I began to script the feelings associated with this and came up with disappointment. I went to the origin of when I believed and felt that I was and am a disappointment. It was quite fascinating and the antidote or truth that came to me that replaced the lie that I had believed was that God did not create junk or make mistakes when he placed us on the path and process of life. I am a miracle. We are all miracles of HIS AMAZING GRACE. THAT HE WOULD TAKE OUR PLACE AND TRADE OUR FRAIL LIFE FOR HIS UNFAILING LOVE. This has been rewarding to me and immediately my hands became flexible. I am praising the Lord and receiving healing. Trust that this would help someone

  3. Mary Brueggemann
    Mary Brueggemann04-11-2012

    For the fun of it, I looked online. Here are a few of the antonyms listed: delight, encouragement, euphoria, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, boost, comfort, happiness, help, miracle, pleasure, relief, success, and wonder. To me, this list is a bit of a disappointment. ­čÖé

    • Guillermo Litada
      Guillermo Litada06-15-2016

      Great post.

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