Writing Prompt: Describing A Face in the Crowd



Here’s an interesting writing prompt:

Do you like people-watching? Give it a try sometime — hang out in a public place (the mall works great) and just watch people. Try to guess what people are like or what they do for a living just by the way they look. It can be pretty entertaining. Don’t be rude, of course; it’s not polite to stare, but you can observe people without being obnoxious!

This descriptive assignment is to use words to paint a picture of a crowded scene. It doesn’t have to be the mall, of course. It could be a parade or a sports stadium, an airport, or an office building. After you vividly paint the scene, zero in on one particular person who stands out from the crowd. It could be someone particularly important or just someone unusual or striking in appearance. In a crowd of people, you notice this person. Be sure to explain why in your paper.

Take your time in describing the scene, but give the most careful attention to the “face in the crowd.”  Describe how this person looks, dresses, walks, stands, talks, etc.. What is he or she doing when you spot him or her? What details catch your eye?


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