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A Taylor Mali Poem for Parents and Other Grammar Police


Last year, I wrote on the challenge I face being both an English teacher/grammar stickler and a parent of teenagers. I feel an obligation, as all parents should, to help my children communicate well — to avoid the likes and ums and pronoun case errors that so abound in teenage conversation. But I also want my kids to know their dad listens to what they say, not just how they say it.

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Troublesome Homophones: Why You Can’t Trust Spell-Checkers


Homophones are words that sound the same (homo = same, phone = voice/sound. Get it?). Homophones can be spelled the …

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Conjunctive Adverbs and Why They Matter


Yesterday, I did a post on the common problem of comma splices. During my explanation of how to fix this error, I mentioned conjunctive adverbs; so, I thought some more information might be helpful. It may not be the most fascinating topic, but it’s simple and important.

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