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Is “Xmas” Just Christmas without Christ?


Does the abbreviation Xmas bother you? I have more than once heard it given as an example of the secularization …

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Orphan Negatives: Words You Probably Think Exist


We talked about couth before — a word that was created via back-formation. I suppose it’s become common enough that …

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Why We, Like, Say “Like” All the Time


Have you noticed that hardly anyone these days can complete a sentence without using the word like? Some years ago, …

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The Heroic Journey 1: Every Story is the Same Old Story


Let me tell you every story that’s ever been written, told, filmed or sung.

Every good one, that is.

Somebody is living in the world of the common day. Ordinary day-to-day life. He’s not comfortable there, something’s… off. Then it happens: He gets an invitation, in some way, to enter a different world. Go on an adventure. A quest.

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