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Back Yard, Backyard, or Back-Yard?


Which is correct? Backyard, back yard, or back-yard?

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Think Thankful Thoughts


I learned today that the word thank is derived from the word think. Its original meaning, according to the Oxford …

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Don’t Fear the Semicolon


  I was in a crowded college library pulsing with the sibilant hum of students at work. Behind me I …

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Refuse the Refuse: The Baffling World of Heteronyms


Heteronyms are words with different meanings and pronunciations that are spelled identically.

That’s right; moped and moped are not the same words. They are two distinct words with completely different meanings. They just look exactly alike. Whose idea was this?

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When To Start a New Paragraph


Short paragraphs put air around what you write and make it look inviting, whereas one long chunk of type can discourage the reader from even starting to read.


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