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We are at peak enrollment time for the upcoming school year and I’d love to take a post to encourage you to check out what has to offer. We help middle and high school students improve their writing skills through online classes that consist of our own curriculum and amazing, talented, encouraging, personal writing tutors (we call them writing coaches).

I’d be happy to tell you all about it, since I am the founder and president, but I thought it might be even better if I just shared with you some of the more recent unsolicited comments from our customers.

If you’d like to enroll in a course, or get more information, go here.

THANK YOU! Once again, we have had a terrific year with WriteAtHome. My children have far surpassed my writing abilities, thanks to the wonderful instruction they receive. Our son has been following your recommended sequence beginning with 6th grade and is looking forward to Comp 2, Research Paper and Essay 1 for 10th grade. Our youngest is very excited to have another year of WriteAtHome. For both children, WriteAtHome is one of their favorite subjects!

— Sandra B.


[My daughter] in particular has become a charming and creative writer; I love reading what she comes up with. You would never know how difficult and resistant she was a couple of years ago. It’s truly amazing!

— Drusha M.


I just had to drop a line to let you know how much both of my boys are thriving in their writing classes. The instructors are absolutely amazing!

P.S. My daughter can’t wait until she is old enough to take your classes. ­čÖé

— Kelly B.


I simply cannot say enough good things about WriteAtHome as a resource for homeschooling families! I’ve been so pleased with all of my kids’ writing coaches and have seen clear results of the success of your program in improving writing skills and in helping each of my kids find his/her particular writing “voice.” I’m not fond of teaching writing myself but do want my kids to have good writing skills, so it’s a real blessing to me to be able to turn the job over to WriteAtHome’s coaches and rest easy in the knowledge that the job will be done for me, and done well.

I also cannot say enough good things about [our writing coach] in particular. Over the past couple of years, she has provided wonderful coaching and feedback for L., who is a challenged learner. The moral support and encouragement along with extensively detailed and clear explanations have enabled L. to work much more independently that I would have ever thought possible. She is thrilled with her progress, and so am I. L.’s educational advisor was equally impressed, too, when L.’s scores on the writing tests and subtests of her annual evaluation in June 2009 jumped an impressive several age-equivalent levels over the Sept 2008 scores – we’re talking improvement in two categories of 2+ and 5+ years! ­čÖé

— Holly B.


I have felt blessed to have found WriteAtHome. With WriteAtHome, I don’t have to be a great writer to teach my children to write well. The coaches do that!

— Pam C.


I spoke with you late last year, as my friend…recommended WriteAtHome to us. We have just finished your Middle School writing course. I just wanted to let you know that my son took his end of year tests, which is always the Woodcock Johnson. Up till this year, he remained at the exact same grade level in the writing category of the tests, even though I had really made an effort to teach him. This year he showed significant improvement. …We attribute this to the writing course at WriteAtHome. [Our coach] was a great person to work with my son, very gracious and understanding of his hesitancy in writing. I do think he felt encouraged by his improvement. Can’t thank you enough.

–Amy B.


I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with WriteAtHome. I saw the program at the MACHE conference last year. Even though we were unsure of how it would work we thought –let’s give it a try. .. Last year we would all be in tears before [my son] had completed two sentences. (To say nothing of the quality of those two sentences.) Yesterday he said, “I want to check WriteAtHome to see if I have a new assignment. He now talks about writing a book. My son was an extremely creative third grade that found the teachers comments in traditional school…intimidating and uninspiring. [Our coach’s] personal approach has helped him find his creativity and desire to write. Over the holidays he actually wrote without prompting and then posted his writing to a fanfiction site.WriteAtHome has taken the scariest part of homeschooling and made it an enjoyable part of our day.

–Deb D

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