Dr. Seuss on Writing Concisely


It has often been said

There’s so much to be read

You never can cram all those thoughts in your head.

So the writer who breeds

More words than he needs

Is making a chore for the reader who reads.

That’s why my belief is

The briefer the brief is

The greater the sigh of the reader’s relief is.

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  1. Merri

    I sent this article to my 87-year-old father who is still an active pastor of many years. He asked me to send his thanks for ‘a wise poem that pastors can also take to heart.’
    All the best,

  2. Merri Larsen
    Merri Larsen05-23-2011

    Dr. Suess left the world more beautiful. . . another treasure for my language file.
    Many thanks,

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