Creative Writing as Marketing


Chipotle cupIt would have been easy enough for Chipotle to just explain that their peppers are carefully selected and smoked over pecan-wood, but they took a more creative approach.

I love that they included their “letter to a pepper” in eye-catching fonts on the side of their cups too. I mean, what else do you have to do while you are eating a stomach-sized (and stomach-shaped, now that I think of it) burrito other than read your cup? I remember wishing for more interesting material on cereal boxes when I was a kid.

This reminded me that there will always be a need for clever, creative writing. So what if your literary masterpiece ends up on bio-degradable fast food paper products?

In case you can’t make it out, here’s the text:

“Hola little pepper-guy. I heard a rumor you ended up at Chipotle! If that’s true, good job my man! I knew you had a future when I picked you off the vine. You were so red & ripe & ready for the work you had to do. I’ll never forget the look on your face when we laid you down in the sun with all the pecan-wood smoke getting you all hot. Some of the other peppers were complaining about the heat, but you knew it was the only way to get the flavor you needed to make it all the way to Chipotle. You never gave up. You did what you had to do. Now you’re a part of a pretty old-school tradition, Buddy. We’ve been growing and smoking peppers like you for over 200 years down here in Chihuahua & it’s always nice when a pepper like you lives up to our standards. And you’re surronunded by all those other ingredients that are lucky enough to be a part of Chipotle’s food. It’s tough competition to season food like that.

You, my little pepper buddy, have arrived. So just take a minute to relax, Bud. Enjoy the burrito dream you’ve gotten yourself into. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to next.  -Guillermo

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  1. Merri

    My children and I are amused with Chipotle’s clever marketing. Insightful post, Brian!

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