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4 Tips for Avoiding Homeschool Convention Anxiety


As a veteran of homeschool conventions all around the country, I’m familiar with the look. I mean that look of bewilderment bordering on panic on the faces of moms as they wander the exhibit hall. It’s not just the rookies either. As the popularity of homeschooling has grown, more and more businesses have arisen to offer educational products and services, and at conventions, they (we) are all vying for the attention of dazed, over-stimulated, book-cart wheeling moms.

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What’s Different About WriteAtHome?


Since I’m in the midst of homeschool convention season, I thought I might take a post to answer a question we get quite often on the exhibitor floor: “What’s the difference between WriteAtHome and ________?”

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Why We Changed the WriteAtHome Curriculum


As you probably know, this blog is affiliated with, our program offering online writing courses to students in grades 5-12. Recently, WriteAtHome announced some broad changes to the curriculum we offer, and I thought I might take a moment to explain that here.

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Spring Semester Classes Open!


My regular readers know that I do my best to use this blog to provide interesting and useful information on …

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