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Is There Such a Thing as a Grammar Error?


Believe it or not, there are a growing number of people who would argue that there is no such thing …

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Subject-Verb Agreement, Part 4


The fourth and final post on the ever-tricky subject-verb agreement issue. What to do with collective nouns, book titles, team names, time or distance? Quiz included!

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4 Pronoun Mistakes To Avoid


Pronouns are wonderful little words that make speaking and writing easier. Imagine if you had to use your name every time you refer to yourself. Instead of saying “I left my keys in my car,” you’d have to say, “Irving Pigwart left Irving Pigwart’s keys in Irving Pigwart’s car.” And just think how irritating this would be if your name really was Irving Pigwart!

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Alternate vs. Alternative


Is it alternate route or should it be alternative route? What’s the difference? Quiz included!

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