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Till, ‘Til, or Until?


What’s the correct short version of “until”? Is it “’til” or simply “till”?

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Schoolhouse Rock Grammar Videos: The Pronoun


Here’s another Grammar Rock cartoon. I’m hoping at least this song will knock the noun song out of your head from last week…

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A Grammatical Wipe Out


My brother Craig is a surfer, and his idol is 11-time world champion, surfing legend, Kelly Slater. Yesterday, Craig, who lives on the other side of the country, texted me with a grammar emergency. Here’s our conversation…

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Schoolhouse Rock Grammar Videos: The Noun


Grammar Rock Nouns

It’s amazing how sticky these videos are. They were created in the 1970s and are hopelessly dated — The Beatles, The Monkey’s, Chubby Checker? Jukeboxes at the drugstore that operate for a dime? But everyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 70s is at least familiar with Schoolhouse Rock. It’s amazing how many still know these songs by heart!

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