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How to Write Description: Specific Details


It’s not the big, obvious things that makes for good description; it’s the small, hard-to-notice things. If you are describing a busy train station, your reader will assume that there’s a train and crowds of people. But the hiss of steam from the engine or the bright blue feather in a woman’s hat are details that give the scene life and interest.

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Writing Prompt: Describing A Face in the Crowd


  Here’s an interesting writing prompt: Do you like people-watching? Give it a try sometime — hang out in a …

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Descriptive Writing Prompt: A Busy Place


This assignment is an experiment in descriptive writing. Understand that description rarely stands alone in literature; it is normally woven into the fabric of a story or larger work. Your assignment, however, is to avoid story-telling and focus on description alone. Paint a picture using words. Of course your “painting” can appeal to more than just the sense of sight. You can make your reader hear, feel, smell, even taste your subject as well.

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Writing Prompt: Description Without Adjectives or Adverbs


A good way to learn how to write strong description with a focus on nouns and verbs is to eliminate all adjectives and adverbs — at least on the first draft.

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