A Fatal Drowning and Other Deadly Redundancies


A fatal drowning? Yeah, that’s redundant. Drowning, by definition, means dying by being underwater and unable to breathe. But this kind of thing isn’t uncommon in publications. Keep an eye out for this kind of redundancy and get familiar with these other potentially misleading words.

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Why We Homeschool, Part 1


Most of the content on this blog is language oriented, but every now and then I like to talk about a broader topic–our approach to educating our children, namely, homeschooling.

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Words That Are Their Own Opposites: Contronyms


The word contronym is a recently coined neologism. It refers to words that have definitions that are opposite of one another. There are words–common ones, mind you–that mean the opposite of themselves in certain contexts. Learn more!

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20 More SAT Words (Quiz Included)


Here’s my second post on common SAT words. The first post is here. Below are 20 words randomly selected from …

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