What’s Different About WriteAtHome?


Since I’m in the midst of homeschool convention season, I thought I might take a post to answer a question we get quite often on the exhibitor floor: “What’s the difference between WriteAtHome and ________?”

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Words We Confuse that Spellcheckers Miss, Part F


Moving on to homophones that start with f. I hope these continue to be helpful. It’s amazing how many of these confused spelling words you can find when you start looking for them.

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Teachers Prank Students Dance Video


I can’t help it. I know this blog is supposed to be about writing and language, but sometimes I just can’t help sharing very loosely related stuff that amuses me. This is on of those posts.

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Do Good Readers Make Good Writers?


I have always found that strong writers tend to be avid readers. It was certainly my experience.

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