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How DO You Teach Writing?


Do you teach students how to write before you get them writing? Interesting question…

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20 Self-Reflection Writing Prompts


“I don’t know what to write about!”

Every writing teacher is familiar with that complaint, so here’s a list of self-reflection writing prompts designed to give students something to write about.

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250 Ways to Say “Went”


The new and improved “Ways to Say Went” poster. Thanks to a commenter, I’ve upped the total from 200 to 250. Check it out!

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Writing Tip: Avoid Nominalization


Here’s a good example of bad writing from the world of government:

…a substantial measure of administrative flexibility to draft the price regulatory mechanism in a manner designed to optimize production from domestic properties subject to statutory parameter requiring the regulatory pattern to prevent prices from exceeding a maximum weighted average.

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