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Writing Tip #42: Use Figures of Speech: Similes


Use figures of speech: Similes. Of the figures of speech, similes are among the most common. A simile is a direct comparison, where the writer describes by comparing something to something else. Similes include the comparison words “like” or “as.” Avoid all of the numerous simile clichés: red as a rose, dead as a doornail, light as a feather. Similes …

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The Next Edition of Crazy English Memes


Another edition of memes highlighting the wackiness of English and English idioms.

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The Return of Crazy English Memes (Part III)


More memes highlighting the craziness of English.

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Crazy English Memes, Part II


More memes about the craziness of English.

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Grammar Pirate


Even pirates care about grammar!

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