Three Ways to Get Our “Ways To Say” Posters


I created my first “Ways to Say” image for a blog post in September of 2012. While writing the article, I started making a list of alternatives to said¹ and before I knew it, was challenging myself to get to an even hundred. It wasn’t all that hard to do, but once I’d accomplished the feat, I wanted to share it. So I created an image that could be shared on Pinterest and included it in the blog post.

Very quickly, it became my most popular post and most frequently shared pin. So, I came up with a few more — 100 Ways to Say Good, 100 Ways to Say Bad, 100 Ways to Say Great, and 250 Ways to Say Went. Together, these creations have been the closest I’ll probably ever come to going viral.

Because I began getting regular requests for print versions, I created some nice color posters that you can put up on bulletin boards and classroom walls. Some folks don’t want to pay for posters and just want free, black-and-white, printable versions, so I’ve created them too.

So, now there are three ways to get my “Ways to Say” posters. Other than the print posters, they are free for you to share. I’d appreciate your giving WriteAtHome credit for them, of course, but please help yourself. All versions are available below:

Pinterest-Pinnable Images

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Black-and-White Printables

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Posters for Purchase

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¹Note: I do not subscribe to the notion that “Said is dead.” I encourage writers to primarily use plain, unobtrusive dialogue tags if they must use them at all. The emphasis should be on the dialogue itself, not some creative or outlandish tag like groaned, snickered, or uttered.

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  1. Val

    Hi! I have been looking for ways to restate opened, sat, took, and put, yet I have yet to have any luck in doing so. Is there any way you might be able to help me find these words?

  2. Rhonda Barfield
    Rhonda Barfield06-10-2015

    Love these posters, Brian. Thanks for creating and sharing them!

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