Answers to the Fictional Places Quiz


On my Facebook page today, I shared a quiz created by Richard Lederer on his Verbivore blog. I’ve been a fan of Richard Lederer for many years, by the way. His books were influential in stirring my interest in words and language.

Here’s the quiz. The answers are below. No peeking!




  1. Baskerville Hall–E
  2. Dune–O
  3. East Egg–Q
  4. The Emerald City–B
  5. The Forest of Arden–L
  6. Hogwarts School–J
  7. La Mancha–C
  8. Lilliput–K
  9. Looking-Glass House–R
  10. Middle Earth–S
  11. Middlemarch–F
  12. Narnia–P
  13. Never Never Land–H
  14. Northanger Abbey–M
  15. The Hundred Acre Wood–A
  16. Shangri-La–D
  17. Toad Hall–N
  18. Utopia–G
  19. Wuthering Heights–I
  20. Yoknapatawpha County–T


As always, your comments are welcome.



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  1. Andrew

    La Mancha is actually a real place (an entire “state” in Spain). It means “the stain,” and having been there, I can tell you that the name fits the place rather well.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko09-04-2014

      Hm. And, honestly, it’s not all that “fantastical” even in the book. I’m not responsible for the quiz; however, I just shared it. ­čÖé

  2. Will

    I recognized Milne, Baum, Doyle, More, Rowling, Swift, Lewis, Carroll, and Tolkien’s places. I also recognized La Mancha, Never Never Land, and Shangri-La, although I don’t remember who wrote about them.

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