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The Other F-Word


This word may not conjure pleasant thoughts, but it’s an old word with an interesting history. And it makes a lot of us laugh, too.

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How To Use Mind Maps


Do you know how to use mind-maps? They are tremendously useful for any writer. Read on to find out what they are and how to use them. Also included are links to several free online mind-mapping tools.

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Writing Tip #25: Mind-Mapping


I’ve heard it called clustering, spider-webbing, and mind-mapping, but whatever you call it, it’s my favorite pre-writing exercise. Like many, …

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Why You Shouldn’t Use WriteAtHome


I started WriteAtHome in 2001 with five students, using email to exchange papers. We now serve more than 2,000 students …

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Brian’s Writing Tip #24: Learn To Freewrite


An important and valuable prewriting technique is called freewriting.

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