Tip #15: Check Spelling by Reading Backwards


“Check spelling by reading backwards. I don’t know where I first heard this tip, but I make it a regular practice when proofreading is particularly important. It’s easy for us writers to overlook misspellings when proofing, especially when we’re in a hurry (And when are we ever not in a hurry these days?). One way to slow ourselves down is to read the words from last to first. This takes words out of their context and forces the mind to focus on each one. Be aware that this trick won’t work for any other proofreading issue. Correct grammar and punctuation can only be discerned in context.”


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  1. Wendy

    This is similar to what I was taught in art class – to see if you’ve gotten proportions and shapes right, turn the picture upside down and look at it that way.

  2. Merri Larsen
    Merri Larsen04-16-2014

    Wow – this is so simplistic and effective! How can it be I’ve never thought of this? It took just one try to convince me this is a huge help.

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