Tip #14: Be Aware of Tone



Brian's Writing Tip #14: Be Aware of ToneBe aware of tone. In literary terminology, tone is the author’s attitude as expressed in his writing. A writer’s tone might be described, for example, as solemn, flippant, cynical, naïve, indifferent, and so on. The tone of a work is often clear, but not always. Tone must be discerned by careful reading, but a wise writer chooses words and expressions with a particular tone in mind. If you intend sarcasm, be careful that your writing does not come across as literal and sincere. If you wish to be taken seriously, avoid anything that sounds trite or jocular. Good writers pay attention not only to what they say, but also how they say it.


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  1. Nancy Barlass
    Nancy Barlass04-16-2014

    So true. Many times i cannot tell if a comment is snarky or serious and it makes me wonder about the blogger. Posting this on my FB page.

  2. Merri Larsen
    Merri Larsen04-16-2014

    It’s purely inspiring how words can create various impressions within the mind – depending on the chosen tone.

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