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I’ve discussed before my reasons for hosting this blog. I love to teach and talk about writing, language, and words. But I also hope to generate some interest in my business, Please know, however, that even if you never check out what WriteAtHome has to offer, I’m glad you are here. In fact, I’m honored.

But today I’d like to take a moment to announce some exciting news about WriteAtHome. At least it’s exciting to me.

New Enrollment System

We’ve updated and streamlined the enrollment process at WriteAtHome. What used to take at least seven somewhat cumbersome and often confusing steps has been reduced to four simple, clear ones. Many thanks to our head techie, Jeff Duenke for the countless hours it took to finish this upgrade. It’s more than a facelift, and it will make life simpler for anyone who enrolls a student with us. Great job, Jeff!

Special Offer

By way of celebrating this improvement to our site, we have launched a special discount. The first 300 students to enroll using our new system will receive $80 off our basic tuition price. This discount applies only to annual courses that begin next fall, and it means that our $449 courses are now available for just $369. We sent an email to folks on our list the day we launched it, and folks rushed to sign up. We haven’t hit 300 yet, but it doesn’t look like it will take long to do so. If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t wait.

If you’re not sure about our online tutorial writing classes and would like to learn more, click here and spend a few moments checking out our site. Or, take just three minutes and watch my video below.

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