Writing Tip #6: Keep a Journal


Brian's Writing Tip #6: Keep a journal.

Keep a journal. Since writers only grow by writing, it makes sense to write at least a little bit every day. A journal is ideal for that. No matter what you’ve heard, a journal or diary can be anything you like. Many people use daily entries to keep a record of what’s going on in their life. Others prefer to record their thoughts and reflections on life’s events. Some use a journal to compose prayers. Some tell stories, craft poems, or develop ideas for future books. The point is, you can do anything you like with a journal. It’s all yours. You can share parts with others or keep it completely private. Whatever you like. A journal gives budding writers a chance to try new ideas, experiment with words, make mistakes, and generally spread their literary wings. If writing every day seems intimidating, set a realistic goal: three entries a week? Two? Even just one. However you do it, journals get writers writing.


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  1. Karen Clark
    Karen Clark03-27-2014

    I’ve been keeping a journal for years, yet I never tire of reading about how to journal. I often pick up a new idea, or an old one I’ve forgotten about. And I can always use more motivation. Great post.

    • Brian Wasko
      Brian Wasko03-28-2014

      You are not alone. I am off and on with it, personally, but I’ve always found it valuable. Thanks for the nice comment, Karen. 🙂

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